Renew your spirit, spark your imagination, delight your senses in the colossal scale of the Norwegian wilderness. The Norwegian landscape has changed little over centuries and this is the way to experience it, on the back of a sturdy, surefooted Icelandic horse. 

Centuries of dedicated effort has created one of the finest riding horses on the planet, tough, reliable, and unbelievably sweet tempered. The Icelandic can cope with all that Norway has to offer, crystal clear rushing streams, steep ascents through leafy forests, challenging descents over rocky slopes and back up to the glorious mountaintops. 

This is your opportunity to make lasting memories of this beautiful, ancient land.

Day 1 
Arrival at Trondheim Airport, where you will be met by a member of our friendly, English speaking staff. First pickup is at 1:00, second pickup at 5:00. Transfer to the charming village of Stugudal. You will have a glimpse of the picturesque countryside of Norway along the way. Upon arrival at the inn at Stugudal, there will be a quick briefing about what to expect during your exciting week of riding. Then meet the horses for a short assessment ride. Enjoy a welcome dinner in the warm hospitality of the congenial staff and excellent cuisine of the inn at Stugudal.

Day 2 
After a hearty Norwegian breakfast, we ride out through dense birch forest over excellent riding terrain into the unspoiled wilderness of hills and mountains. This is a great opportunity to get to know your horse. Stopping by a rushing river, we will build a campfire to make tea and coffee and swap horse stories over a picnic lunch. The afternoon ride takes us to the charming cottage at Nedalel for a traditional home-cooked dinner.

Day 3 
Ride out over rugged terrain to the Storerikvollen Chalet, beautifully situated on the shores of Essand Lake. Superb views of the Sylane mountains are to be had all around. Lonesome trails lead us to the tranquil valley where we will stop for a picnic lunch. Lush grazing for the horses and a bit of quiet refreshment for the people and we're ready to saddle up for an exciting afternoon riding up to Storerikvollen Chalet. 

Day 4 
Riding along the high ridges of the Sylane mountains, we will trek from Storerikvollen, venturing deep into remote valleys and dramatic mountaintops to the cozy cottage nestled in the folds of the hills at Bjorneggen. A welcome dinner and overnight at Bjorneggen after this long and rewarding day.

Day 5
Trek from Bjorneggen through woodland paths and the soft beauty of the highlands to the delightful cottage at Ramsjo. Break for a picnic lunch in the quiet stillness of a peaceful valley. Ramsjo cottage commands stunning views of the Fongen Mountains and Lake Ramsjo, where you can enjoy an invigorating swim. Dinner and overnight at Ramsjo.

Day 6 
A morning departure over rolling forested hills into the glorious Fongen Mountains, where man has not tampered with nature much. Ford swift running rivers where weather permitting you can go for a lunchtime swim.

Picnic lunch and we're off into reindeer territory as we return to Storerikvollen. With luck, you will see some of the reindeer and grouse native to the Norwegian tundra. Dinner and overnight at Storerikvollen.

Day 7 
Saddle up for our final ride, retracing our steps back to Stugudal.  We finish up this long and challenging ride with a festive farewell dinner at the inn at Stugudal, going over the map and reminiscing about our fabulous trip in the mountains!

Day 8 
Depart after breakfast with a transfer to Trondheim Airport or your point of departure.