The hand of man has rested lightly on the wilderness of Norway's hills and mountains. Renew your spirit in the tranquility of the ancient byways through forests of birch and pine, ascending challenging slopes to the glorious views from the mountaintops. Life quickly takes on the quieter and more gracious rhythm of a bygone era. 

The Icelandic horse is ideally suited to this traditional mode of travel. Strong and sure-footed, Icelandics were bred especially to carry people for long distances over difficult terrain. Their patient, sweet disposition adds immeasurably to this inspiring and exhilarating ride.

Day 1 
Arrival at Trondheim Airport, where you will be met by a member of our friendly, English speaking staff. First pickup is at 1:00 pm, second pickup at 5:00pm. Transfer to the charming village of Stugudal. You will have a glimpse of the picturesque countryside of Norway along the way. Upon arrival at the inn at Stugudal, there will be a quick briefing about what to expect during your exciting week of riding. Then meet the horses for a short assessment ride. Enjoy a welcome dinner in the warm hospitality of the congenial staff and excellent cuisine of the inn at Stugudal.

Day 2 
After a hearty Norwegian breakfast, we ride out through dense birch forest over excellent riding terrain into the unspoiled wilderness of hills and mountains. This is a great opportunity to get to know your horse. Stopping by a rushing river, we will build a campfire to make tea and coffee and swap horse stories over a picnic lunch. The afternoon ride takes us to the charming cottage at Nedalel for a traditional home-cooked dinner.

Day 3
Ride deep into unspoiled wilderness over fairly rugged terrain to the Storerikvollen Chalet, situated on the shores of the Essand Lake, with magnificent views of the Sylane mountains all around. Stop for a picnic lunch near one of the region's many rushing rivers. Evening will find us settling the horses, enjoying the exhilaration of a long and rewarding day of riding.

Day 4
Today's ride takes us across the border into Sweden. Traveling in much the same fashion as early Scandinavians, we cross rolling forested hills towards Sylstation in Sweden. Break for a picnic lunch, then dinner and overnight at Sylstation.

Day 5
Continuing on into Sweden, we will reach the foot of the Helags Mountain by nightfall. From here you will be able to see one of Scandinavia's southernmost glaciers. The Helags Mountain at 1796 meters is the county of Jamtland's highest mountain. Dinner and overnight at the Helags mountain cottage, nestled in the folds of the foothills.

Day 6
Returning to Norway, we follow the ancient byways first used by pilgrims in the twelfth century on their way to the holy city of Trondheim and the Cathedral of Nidaros. 

Day 7 
A bittersweet day, still surrounded by the exquisite mountains and forests, but heading back to civilization!  We finish up the ride returning to the comfortable accommodations of the  hotel at Stugudal for a festive farewell dinner, reminiscing about our fabulous trip in the mountains.

Day 8
Depart after breakfast with a transfer to Trondheim Airport.