What to pack

The equipment you need to bring! Never leave home without it!

We are often asked about what is needed on our tours. 

Below you will find our recommendations. We strongly suggest you follow it and do not delete any items.

The mountains can be beautiful, but dangerous if ill equipped. 

  • Sleeping bag, or quilt cover
  • Rain clothes – trousers and jacket
  • Tracking boots – water resistant or wellingtons
  • A warm sweater
  • A wind resistant – outdoor jacket
  • Gloves/mittens, scarf and long Johns
  • Sock – warm
  • Towels/toiletries
  • 2-3 trousers or pants
  • T-shirt
  • Shoes for indoor/outdoor trainers
  • A cup, to use for coffee/tea during the lunch
  • Sunglasses – sun cream
  • Wool underwear