The Icelandic Horse


Often called the horse of the Gods. 

It came across the ocean with the first Nordics whom settled on Iceland around the 7th century.

It originates from the early breeds of horses. And for over 1000 years it has lived isolated on Iceland.

It has heap the primal-race special trot or canter the “tølt” or its flying pass. This special pace or paces have made and increased the Icelandic horses popularity and has become its speciality.

“Tølt” is a fast four paced movement, and is the same movement as the trot.

When the horse “tølts” it lowers its back and raises its head and neck.

“Tølt” is called the gift of the Gods by the Icelandic people, because it is a very comfortable way of riding.

The rider is sitting almost still in the saddle, and the horse almost flows across the fields.