Our Veterans

Eivind Schøyen, Oslo Norway

A better way to come close to nature and the same time cross large, distances you just don’t find.

Actually I would witch nobody reads this, as we would like to keep the secret to our selves. Even through we have come to realize that mountain riding in Norway is very popular both nationally and internationally.

If you enjoy riding and especially the Icelandic horse with its special trot the “tølt” this is a journey you should not miss.


Ruth Kleimann, Münster, Germany


48  weeks of riding in 19 years.

The first trip was the summer of 84, and from then on, I have always had a longing to come back to Stugudal, and Tydal every year.

Mainly because I enjoy this type of holiday, and the fact that it challenges me.

I leave all my memories behind me for a week and enjoy the, beautiful scenery, the fantastic horses and least but not last the social aspect, of riding with other people.

I am always rested and feel an inner calm each time I go, home to Germany.

My wish is to come back as often as possible, in my holidays, and that should speak for itself. As I have been on 42 tours since 1984.

Tore Sørquist, Gävle, Sweden

Our greatest veteran with 51 trips since he started riding with us in 1978.  

A living encyclopaedia in mountains and nature.  

Tore always keeps a high spirit and has a good story to tell.